Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Average Moving Costs

So you are planning on moving soon and you're looking to see what the average moving costs are like these days. Well let me hold your attention for just a few minutes. Moving can be a very arduous process, if it is not planned properly it could take weeks or even months to complete. I have never heard anyone say they are excited to move (well not the back breaking part of it anyway). It can be a very draining ordeal, both physically and mentally and in order for things to go well you must take your time and plan properly. That means taking your time to weigh all your options to get from point A to point B.

Unfortunately there is no definite answer to this question because every move is different and every company works differently. Your best option is to call around and get some quotes. Some companies can do this over the phone, just have a good idea of the amount of stuff you have to move. Or it can be as simple as the click of a mouse button to get a free moving cost estimate.

On average relocating depends on several different factors, the company you choose to do the moving, the amount of items you have to move and the distances of the location you are moving to. Companies can also factor these things when calculating the cost of moving. things such as the number of movers required, how long it takes them to pack, or the weight of your items.

As I mentioned just a few paragraphs above, if you decide to call around, be careful of really cheap pricing as that is hardly ever a good thing, it may cost you more in the long run. I've called around myself on a few occasions when I needed a quote and got rates from $4,000 to about $9,000, traveling from the east coast to the west.

There are several available methods for you to choose from when it comes to relocating costs. You can do it all yourself, you can pack your stuff yourself and let the movers pick them up, or you can have a moving company handle the whole process for you. Let's look at each of these briefly.

Doing it yourself

Just as the name implies, everything is on your shoulders. You have to rent a truck, pack and put your items in the rental yourself, drive to your destination and unpack your belongings. After all this you still have to return the truck. It may seem like the best option but it can be an expensive undertaking too, not only do you have to pay for the truck you also have to cover gas, insurance, tolls and more.

Other expenses you should be make note of include bubble wrap, furniture pads, boxes and so forth. they could easily run you into $200 or more, so you have to be financially prepared for these other accessories.

Packing and let the movers drive to your destination allows you to pack all your belongings and let the mover deliver them to your new home. It may be a bit cheaper than the above method. Just remember you have to do all the packing and unpacking yourself.

Your third choice is to let them do it all themselves, packing, transporting and unpacking. It's great to have them do all the work and you get to supervise everything. This option may cost you the most of the three.

Here are a few tips for you to make things a bit easier.

It's a very good idea to go with a reputable company, those fly by night companies may be trouble.

Ask around from trusted people or sources, it's a great way to get some insight on other people's experience. This would give you a better of which company you would like to try out.

Always get things in writing and be sure to ask about insurance for your items just in case anything is lost or damaged by one of the movers. In the end it is you that you are looking out for the most.

Like I said before getting a free moving cost quoteis as simple as a mouse click. You can get quotes for local moves, long distance moves, or storage space. All you have to do is fill out a short form, the quote is absolutely free and there is no obligation.